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Nissan X-Trail - 2.2 dCi and Coachman

Richard Griffiths reviewed on 31-05-2017 a Nissan X-Trail - 2.2 dCi (100 Kw/136 bhp year: october 2003 - june 2007) and a Coachman VIP 535/4 of (laden) 1580 kg.

The X Trail is a 2006 Adventura with full spec I just towed the coachman loaded approx 1575 kg with no effort at all over a 350 mile return journey only having to use the 4wd setting on steep hill junction pull offs, the car averaged out 26 mpg towing on A roads would expect a little more on motorways, I have been towing for 30 years plus and the X trail is one of the best I have had giving confidence in all situations.

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