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Skoda Yeti - 2.0 TDI cr [4x4] and Bailey

Paul Budge reviewed on 30-05-2017 a Skoda Yeti - 2.0 TDI cr [4x4] (125 Kw/170 bhp year: september 2009 - june 2015) and a Bailey Orion 430-4 of (laden) 1247 kg.

Yeti Outdoor diesel manual 170bhp, 50mpg, 35mpg towing. Solid 4*4. Very stable, smooth power. Car very well appointed, full leather, hill assist and lots of other stuff. The boot is good although it looks small. Swallowed a spare wheel, fridge, full awning, two large boxes of food etc. Small tool box and other stuff. Had to buy the spare as Yetis don't come with one. Factory fitted towbar ( retro fit requires the bumper is cut) The car pulls at 60 mpg in 6th gear and returns 35mpg, plenty of power to pull away if needed. Gear indicator suggests to change up earlier than the revs might suggest but the car copes in the higher gear. Short back end means the towbar limit is 80kg and at this weight the caravan tows very well as the load is over the back axle. Even when fully loaded the rear suspension doesn't sag. This model has a large turbo which is a drone in the background but not to intrusive. If you need more space you can fold or remove all of the rear seats completely and there are serious roof bars for a box or rack.
2 tonne towing capacity.

Thos model no longer produced. Just get a 150bhp and get it remapped. BUT get one with a fitted tow bar and buy a spare wheel.
Very comfortable and economic towcar

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