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Volkswagen Touareg II - TDI 3.0 V6 aut. and Bailey

Steve reviewed on 30-04-2017 a Volkswagen Touareg II - TDI 3.0 V6 aut. (180 Kw/245 bhp year: may 2011 - up to now) and a Bailey Pegasus 534 of (laden) 1466 kg.

After a year of battling with our 2.0l Passat and our Pegasus 534 ... Unstable, heavy nose weight etc something had to give and it was the Passat ... Found a lovely 2012 Touareg and just had first trip and what a revelation.... Amazing car, so powerful, towing dream and now such a relaxing drive without constant worry of what's overtaking us.... We can load sensibly and at 60mph not a twitch from the caravan ... Not a cheap car to buy but full of quality and currently 39 mpg solo 25 towing ... I love the car and it's a pleasure again to go away in the caravan!

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