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Mitsubishi Pajero IV [long body] - 3.2 Di-D aut. and Coachman

jake reviewed on 19-04-2017 a Mitsubishi Pajero IV [long body] - 3.2 Di-D aut. (125 Kw/170 bhp year: february 2007 - up to now) and a Coachman Amara 570/6 of (laden) 1585 kg.

i have a MK4 2014 shogun 3.2 Di-D (198bhp/441NM) but its not listed here....

i must be hyper sensitive because i can definitely tell i have a 1600kg 7.5m long box dragging behind me. OK its not as noticeable as my previous car (outlander) but i still know its there, irritates me when caravanners boast "tows like the caravan isnt there" because common sense tells you the additional weight and wind resistance is going to have an effect on the performance (of course this is common sense and that doesn't really come into caravanning does it ha ha).

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good points: tows absolutely rock solid which takes a lot of the stress out of the towing experience. the Gadget spec in my SG4 keeps my sons so happy they dont want to get out of the car when we arrive and dont complain "are we nearly there yet". for me its compertable and it can carry a lot of stuff or 6 passengers if required.

bad points: fuel consumption is dreadful 19mpg towing 32 on a long trip 30mpg round town (on a good day). costs £90 to fill with diesel and will burn that in 300 miles towing which makes for an expensive weekend away (compared with driving a small car to a hotel)

Auto box is shockingly bad, at 60mph on cruise switches between overdrive and 5th regularly when a small ammount of additional power required and it cant be manually overridden. the engine sits at 2500rpm when not in overdrive so makes it noisy. the old school torque converter seems to slip most of the time as well the car would be so much nicer with a 6 speed manual or a DSG type auto.

the shogun really is a Utility vehicle with some nice refinements in the cabin but it drives and feels like an agricultural vehicle.

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