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Ford Mondeo - 2.0 TDCi and Caravan

john shelton reviewed on 12-04-2017 a Ford Mondeo - 2.0 TDCi (96 Kw/131 bhp year: october 2001 - september 2003) and a Caravan as an example of (laden) 1400 kg.

on my fifth mondeo estate 1 mk1,2 mk2s all petrol and on my second tdci estate in the s version,,what a cracker ,these pull like trains and make light work of a 1497kg caravan with motor movers fitted,the only problem i have is pulling off when the road is wet i get a lot of wheelspin if i apply normal revs but i now have installed it into my brain to just a little revs when wet then steady build up as they will still wheelspin on a wet road at 40mph when towing,these cars also have a huge rear space to carry a lot,we carry an 85kg mobility scooter and dogs,we have tried other towing vehicles but still come back to the mondeo estate.

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