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Volvo 940 Estate - 2.3 lpt and Elddis

tom reviewed on a Volvo 940 Estate - 2.3 lpt (99 Kw/135 bhp year: january 1995 - june 1996) and a Elddis Xplore 530 of (laden) 1253 kg.

Brilliant car for towing as long as you don't exceed the 85% rule, tows our little Europa 450 SE with no problems at all., Returns 30 mpg on a run so can't complain.The 940 will tow 1550 behind it but at that weight there is less power on steep hills and the heavier caravan does not seem as stable as out smaller 450 SE.So it is with safety in mind that we only now tow the smaller van with the Volvo, towing anything heavier I always use our Discovery 300 tdi which will tow anything, and yes the Discovery is an under rated tow vehicle, pretty much forgotten about but it is truly a wonderful towing vehicle.

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